Frequently Asked Questions

Revolving doors and entrance systems can be complex. Such unique products require conversation and coordination. We have answered several commonly asked questions below. If you do not see your question listed here, please reach out through our contact page, or through a sales representative.  

Do you only have one location?

We only have one manufacturing facility located in Evansville, IN.

Is there a rep in my area?

Most likely! We have reps in most key regions across the US, and the factory is available to help.

What is the blockout for the floor speed control?

The blockout is the recess in the finished floor that the floor speed control is installed. We notate the required dimensions on our shop approval prints, and a print detail is available upon request.

How do you break away the wings?

Wings on all non-security door products should break away with around 130lbs of force exerted on the wing.

How are your stainless steel and bronze doors constructed?

All of our stainless steel and bronze doors start with a welded stainless steel sub frame which is then clad with sixteen gauge stainless or bronze sheet metal. We do not typically clad over aluminum extrusions, and we do not use double sided tape to adhere the cladding to the subframe.

How are aluminum doors constructed?

Aluminum doors are constructed with the heaviest gauge extruded aluminum in the industry then painted or anodized depending on customer preference.

Are your ceiling canopies made in one piece or are they bolted together assemblies?

Our ceiling canopies are designed with a welded steel substructure.  This method of construction results in the strongest, most long lasting canopy available in the industry today.

Do your wings and walls have seams?

Our stainless steel and bronze door walls and wings do not have any exposed seams because all exposed butt joints are welded and dressed to be seamless.  Our aluminum doors do show exposed seams as they are not welded.

How is the hardware, which supports the wings constructed?

The heavy duty discs and hangers that support our wings are made from bronze alloy.  We do not chrome over mild steel as some manufacturers do because these begin to rust within a few years of installation.

Can you match Comet style wings to a Saturn Style canopy?

All of our doors are customized, so this type of configuration is possible, as well as many other customized trim and push bar configurations.

What maintenance is required on your doors after installation?

Our manual doors are designed for years of trouble free service.  The main service item to replace is weatherstripping as the door ages.  It is also important to apply lithium grease to the breakaway mechanism on a regular basis.

Who installs your doors?

In many areas of the country we have arrangements with service companies who are authorized to install our doors.  We also have an in-house installation crew who can install our door if no service company is available to assist with the installation.

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