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International Revolving Door Company, located in Evansville, Indiana has been producing and manufacturing revolving doors for over 100 years. For many years, the revolving door factory operated under the ownership of International Steel Company, and later on as a division of Evansville Metal Products. In 2015, James Kratochvil, along with his son Joshua Kratochvil, purchased the revolving door factory with IRD Group, Inc. and continues to do business as International Revolving Door. Since this time, International has grown rapidly, and employs over (40) employees. International Revolving Door Company continues to produce hundreds of high-quality, hand crafted revolving doors.

Revolving Around Your Needs Since 1888


Theophilis Van Kannel is granted a patent for the first revolving door


Theophilis Van Kannel is granted a patent for the first revolving door


International Steel Company starts producing revolving doors


International Steel Company acquires Van Kannel Revolving Door Co.


International Steel develops a ball and socket collapsing wing mechanism, otherwise known as type AA


International Revolving Door acquired Atchison Revolving Door Company and moved operations to Evansville, IN


International Revolving Door Company is purchased by the Soyugenc family and moved to its current location on 6th avenue in Evansville, IN


International Revolving Door reopens under new management by the Kratochvils.

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