IRD’s new floor grate design is extremely durable. Customizable with your business logo, our floor grates serve more than one purpose! All floor grating comes equipped with a drain pan, catching debris, salt, and water. These low maintenance, steel, or bronze floor grates are made in house, with top of the line equipment. If you’re in need of updated flooring with your next lobby remodel, allow us to provide competitively priced, well-built floor grates.


Floor grates are beneficial for numerous reasons: they help control chemical and dirt pollutants, keep lobbies and interiors cleaner, limit occupant exposure, and reduce the use of cleaning supplies. Our state of the art water jet is used to cut your choice of material, quickly, efficiently and precisely. This allows us to provide custom shape grating options. IRD’s standard grilles are 1/4” thick. Whether it’s radial grating beneath your new revolving door, exterior grating around the perimeter, or linear grating between entrance systems, we can help!


A variety of materials available:

  • Galvanized Steel

  • 304 Stainless Steel, #4 Satin Finish

  • 316 Stainless Steel, #4 Satin Finish

  • 280 Muntz Bronze, #4 Satin Finish

Custom Sizing

IRD’s floor grates are completely customizable. IRD may also provide blockout and layout templates prior to installation per your request.

Floor Grate 2


  • 1/4” Thick Material

  • 1/8” Distance Between Bars

  • 3/8” Thick Bars Precision Cut

  • (3) Year Standard Warranty

  • Finishes Performed In-House


Being cost effective, IRD’s floor grates are precision cut. We offer a quick turnaround and competitive lead times. An IRD floor grille is strong, durable, and we can proudly say, American Made.


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