The Large Diameter


The Jupiter is International’s automatic revolving door. Similar to our other revolving doors, its quality is unmatched. This grand revolving door is a great fit for high traffic environments. The Jupiter also makes for a lasting impression due to its large size.


Designed for safety. User safety is considered first and foremost in the design of our Jupiter revolving door. Our grand Jupiter is strictly automatic, with a center drum in lieu of centershaft. Our speed control and emergency collapsing mechanism are among its many standard features that provide safe and trouble free operation.


Available in stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. A variety of finishes offered based on material:

  • #4 Brushed Stainless Steel or Bronze

  • #8 Polished Mirrored Stainless Steel or Bronze

  • Painted Aluminum

  • Anodized Aluminum

  • Statuary Bronze

Mechanical components: Our Orbiter automatic speed control along with the mechanical components are of heavy design and construction, making them the longest lasting in the industry.

Sensors: The Backstop Safety Sensor was originally designed by International. These sensors do not allow the trailing door wing to get too close to a user, eliminating the potential for injury. Our Wing Collapsing Sensor stops the door if a wing collapses or moves from its normal position.

Custom Sizing

Typically, our Jupiter revolving door sizes range from 12’ in diameter up to 16’ in diameter. This revolving door is offered in both a 3-wing and 4-wing option. 

Jupiter Revolving Door
Jupiter Revolving Door


  • Spacious entrance solution

  • Micro-processor controlled

  • Wing mounted start-up sensors

  • Backstop safety sensors

  • Wing collapsing safety sensors

  • Outside stile safety sensors

  • Recorded messages assist users during safety events

  • Easily adjustable door speed

  • Simultaneous entry and exit

  • Use of infrared sensors for stable, reliable detection

  • Automatic continuous monitoring of the health of critical sensors

  • Incremental 360 degree digital encoder for accurate positioning

  • No visible joints: available on stainless and bronze doors

  • 3 or 4 wing design

  • Several center drum designs available

  • Handicap slow button

  • Adjustable weather-stripping on wings reduces maintenance costs

  • BOCA and IBC compliant


Significant cost savings by minimizing A/C and head losses: revolving doors are the most efficient method for controlling a building’s stack pressure while reducing heating and cooling costs. Compared to swing doors, revolving doors reduce over 500% of unwanted air from infiltrating the inside of the building.



Please see our Jupiter specification and drawings available for download, for all door construction inquiries.