The Highest Security


Our high security revolving door comes with many features giving your business optimal security.

Access Control: The Phoenix Revolving Door is designed for today’s most demanding security requirements. Optional features on the Phoenix revolving door include anti-piggybacking and anti-tailgating. The anti-piggybacking function allows only one person access in a quadrant at a time. Anti-tailgating will stop unauthorized entry by a person attempting to gain access in a trailing quadrant or from the opposite side.


The High Security Phoenix Revolving Door offers both aesthetics and safety! This revolving door allows an access controlled entrance while preventing piggybacking and tailgating. Additional security features are available.


Offered in stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum. A variety of finishes are available:

  • #4 Brushed Stainless Steel or Bronze

  • #8 Polished Mirrored Stainless Steel or Bronze

  • Painted Aluminum

  • Anodized Aluminum

  • Statuary Bronze

Custom Sizing

Door diameters range from 6’6” (standard) to 7’0”. The Phoenix has a minimum 12” canopy to accommodate for electronics.

Phoenix Revolving Door 2


  • Built in quadrant messages and traffic lights for the hearing impaired

  • Controlled one at a time access

  • Simultaneous entry and exit

  • Tailgate and piggyback detection

  • One-way/two-way security

  • Electromagnetic wing locks

  • Collapsible wings (for emergency situations)

  • Use of infrared sensors for stable, reliable detection

  • Automatic, continuous monitoring of the health of critical sensors

  • Easy to use built-in test routine

  • Incremental 360 degree digital encoder for accurate positioning

  • Recorded messages assist users during violations and safety events

  • Easily adjustable door speed

  • Trapped person sensor

  • No visible joints: available on stainless and bronze doors

  • 4-wing design

  • Quadrant traffic lights

  • Ceiling indicator lights

  • Continuous active scanning

  • Adjustable weather-stripping on wings reduces maintenance costs

  • BOCA and IBC compliant


Significant cost savings by minimizing A/C and heat losses, revolving doors are the most efficient method for controlling a building’s stack pressure while reducing heating and cooling costs. Our security systems provide asset and personal protection for any building. Security doors are a convenient, guard-free controlled access solution.


  • Day/night operation

  • Remotely located control box can be offsite for ease of service, programming, and control

  • Choice of finishes

  • Multiple glass options

  • Custom wing and wall sightlines

Additional Benefits

  • State-of-the-art drive systems will not slow or discontinue operation in cold climates.

  • You get optional bi-directional operation or one-way security with free egress.

  • Digital voice annunciators allow the door to communicate to users when security violations are detected. 

  • Outside stile safety sensors stop the door should an arm, bag, or briefcase become wedged between the wing and the wall. The safety sensors will eliminate possible injuries and eliminate damage to trapped items.

  • Active scanning gives continuous monitoring of all quadrants for possible security breach


Please see our Phoenix specification and drawings available for download, for all door construction inquiries.

Phoenix Revolving Door 3
Phoenix Revolving Door 4