In a world of uncertainty, a secured entrance is priority. Here at International, we believe it’s crucial to protect our employees and our people. Large data centers, insurance companies, corporate headquarters, and education are just a few market segments worth protecting. Unauthorized entry can be detrimental to an organization, so let us help!

Plastics Manufacturer Headquarters

A plastics manufacturer reached out inquiring about a secured entrance system for their employees. We had recently introduced our Titan Turnstile series, and knew this would be the perfect application. Our Titan turnstile is a full height security tandem or single unit. We scheduled a site visit, listened to their concern, and provided recommendations. We suggested a tandem full height security turnstile with mangate, also known as our Titan II.

Door Details

  • Titan II Full Height Turnstile W/ Mangate 

  • Mild Steel 

  • Black Powder Coat Finish


Insurance Company Headquarters

Insurance companies around the world often have a headquarters location along with multiple operation centers. These locations, on any given day, may greet thousands of employees. Wouldn't you feel better entering your workplace through a high security, Phoenix revolving door? Our security door is second to none in the industry with state of the art equipment. Features include anti-tailgating, anti-piggybacking, anti-passback, and more!

Door Details

  • High Security Phoenix Revolving Door 

  • Clear Anodized, AL. 

  • 24” Tall Aluminum Canopy

Phoenix Revolving Door 2

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